Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raise Our Voice for Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson fans are known for many things and the most admiral among those things is our loyal dedication to honoring, defending, and protecting Our Beloved Michaell and his legacy. We've stood up, fought, rallied, and protested the most ruthless of opponents, many times all due to our ability to unite and raise our voice.

Recall last year (2010), the slanderous and volatile Extra interview with Jason Pfiefer. A delusional man who claimed his 15 minutes of fame by claiming to be Michael's lover. There was to be a second part to that interview aired the following day, but with thousands of Michael Jackson fans taking to their phones to call in to Extra...that second part of that interview never aired.

In August 2010, Michael was inducted to the National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame in New York. However, barely a month before he was to be inducted a group that represents people molested as children had planned to disrupt and protest his induction. Again, Michael Jackson fans united and quickly took action and the result? Michael was inducted without one word of protest uttered at the ceremony.

Last year, we heard of a documentary that was to be aired in January 2011. The documentary in question was supposed to be a re-enactment/recreation of the autopsy performed on Michael. Fans campaigned, rallied, petitioned, and raised their voices about that atrocity snagging the attention of the Michael Jackson Estate, who then joined the efforts and again the result was victory. Discovery postponed the documentary indefinitely.

There is a common thread that binds protection, honor, and respect to Michael and his legacy and that is his fans.

If not US...then WHO?

Just as we did not falter then, we must not falter NOW. If we, as Michael Jackson fans, had not raised our voices to the injustice, slander, and defamation that was being launched at Michael and his legacy, then who would have done so?

The past is great indication as to what to expect in the future...history always repeats itself.

For the most part, most of those with the last name Jackson did not dirty their hands or break their backs to defend Michael as his fans did against these notable attacks. I won't judge them for such, but I won't ignore it either. Actions speak louder than words and the Jacksons INACTION has spoken and continues to speak volumes.

The estate depends on fans to make them aware of damaging and potentially destroying efforts against Michael's legacy. So again I ask, if not us, then who...who will stand up and raise their voice to protect Michael's legacy if not the same loyal, devoted fans that Michael could depend on just as muc in death as he did in life?

The Michael Forever it truly a tribute worthy of fan support...more importantly is it a tribute that truly honors and respects Michael as he rightfully deserves?

Everything done or said in Michael's name or with his name attached to it reflects upon his entire legacy as a whole. As the clock ticks, we're one second closer to reaching the day our beloved idol receives the justice he is due over his death.

Anything said or done during that critical time can have an everlasting impression on how Michael and his legacy are viewed.

A tribute concert is an honorable idea, but only when it is done in a manner that respects Michael and those who he adored and loved...and yes that includes the fans as well. Michael is deserving of a tribute that is genuinely done with the intentions of paying respect and honor to the world's greatest entertainer that ever lived...but first and foremost, he deserves JUSTICE.

With only a couple of months away, the damage this tribute concert's organizers have brought down on the Michael Jackson community AND the Jackson family is disheartening. The fan base again faces the ugly disruption of division, but even more unbelievably, it has divided a family.

July 25, 2011

Today's press conference in Los Angeles announced a tribute concert to Michael to be attended and supported by the Jackson Family. However, we want to make clear that this does not reflect the position of the entire family.

While we wholeheartedly support the spirit of a tribute that honors our brother, we find it impossible to support an event that is due to take place during the criminal trial surrounding Michael's death. As everyone knows, those proceedings commence September 20th, and this "Michael Forever" concert takes place in Cardiff, Wales, UK,on October 8th. In light of this, we feel it is inappropriate to be involved with such an ill-timed event and its promoter, Global Live.

Furthermore, the decision to proceed with this concert disrespects opinions and wishes expressed in the strongest terms to Global Live during conversations in April when this event was presented to the majority of the family as an idea already in its advanced stages.

There will come a time and place for an amazing and deserving tribute to Michael. But we feel that the most important tribute we can give to our brother at this time is to seek justice in his name.

As Jermaine and Randy mention, "the most important tribute we can give to [Michael] at this time is to seek justice in his name." But it should be noted that when the planning of this tribute was presented to the family, the promoters disrespected, "opinions and wishes expressed in the strongest terms to Global Live," when they decided to proceed with the concert.

How honorable is a tribute really, if it directly disrespects the opinions and wishes of those dearest and most loved by Michael? Not only are family members opinions and wishes are being dismissed, but Michael's loyal fans are receiving the same treatment.

For two years, the FANS have been rallying and demanding justice along the Jackson Family's side. Our messages of love and support were important then, why are they not important now? The same effort has been put forth by fans to seek justice in Michael's name...if not at times MORE than what the family has involved themselves in, so why is our voice of no significance any longer? Are we to remain silent at the mockery, insult, and disrespect this tribute has demonstrated thus far simply because the culprits behind this are doing so with the support of some of the Jacksons?

The moment the promoters involved in the planning of this event decided to ignore family members' wishes and concerns, Michael's legacy was dishonored. The lottery-like ticketing system, the unprofessional behaviors of the event's organizers towards fans, and the failure to attain a "galaxy" of the greatest artists for a truly prestigious line-up befitting of baring the title of the "greatest tribute concert ever" has only dishonored Michael's legacy further and added insult to injury. The fact that Michael's children's presence is stated as part of the terms and conditions demonstrates the clear exploitative intentions of GLE.

Michael worked hard and suffered many battles to build the legacy he has today and it is up to anybody who claims to love and honor this man to assure that his name and legacy are not cheapened by the exploitative tactics of ANYBODY...regardless of their last name or relationship to Michael.

Fans are among those who love and honor Michael the most, so we must accept the duty of raising our voice for Michael and his legacy.

Please join your fellow MJ fans and be the voice that Michael no longer has. Help us demand the respect and honor Michael justly so deserves. Join us in this venture to raise our voice for Michael Jackson's legacy.

Raising YOUR voice for Michael

Raise your voice for Michael by joining this FB group: Fans Against Michael Forever Tribute
And further raise your voice by joining the twitter event that we have planned to promote justice for Michael and preserve his legacy on August 28, 2011. The hash tag will be announced as soon as all parties interested have been given ample time to prepare.

I hope to see you August 28th fellow MJ fans.


  1. Your blog is truly inspiring Junky. I admire your dedication and devotion to obtain justice for Michael as well as organizing this upcoming twitter rally in an effort to join forces within the fan community so that we can raise our voice together as one and get this tribute postponed to a more appropriate date.
    Hence you can count me in to tweet on
    August 28, 2011.I will be there my friend ♥♥

  2. Straight from the heart...I can feel it

  3. 2 years later we are still at war, and its a crying shame that this battle is with Michael's own family but blood must also know that the fans wont allow anyone they decide associate with to tarnish and exploit his legacy. Count me (mjYanaGirl) as one those who will be there till the bitter end on the 28th of August.

  4. It's a shame no doubt. What is with the list of haters? What the hell is going on inside the family members brains? Gene Simmons!!! WTF!! Shamone now!!! SERIOUSLY!?! I DO NOT....I repeat....I do NOT like this at all!!! In fact, I HATE IT!!! Justice For Michael!!