Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's Get Ready To Rumble...

On this the evening before the day we have waited over two long years for, I have what feels like butterflies with hobnail boots on rampaging around the pit of my stomach. It is a bit like the feeling you get before  going to the dentist to have teeth extracted. You know you have to go through with it, you know it might hurt but all you want is it over and done with as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Debbii - Oxford, UK
The day every single MJ fan, including myself, has been waiting for is literally just hours away and the air is filled with so many raw emotions that I believe trying to reduce how the fan community feels on Justice4MJ's eve to one or two ideals is not only absurd, but impossible as well. Especially when the overall perception by the media is that MJ fans are an irrational, hero-worshiping breed that do nothing but crazy things that "normal" people with logic and morals would never dream of doing...oh the irony!

Personally, my feelings of anxiety and nervousness aren't because my faith that Justice for Michael Jackson will prevail has wavered, but rather because I fear what many fans fear. We fear Michael Jackson, his good moral character, integrity, and legacy will be soiled by the media's need to feed the masses sensationalized rumors or gossip and manipulated HALF truths instead of relevant facts that actually pertain to the case. We've already seen them place Michael 'on trial' in the court of public opinion from the moment he died and sadly, not too many of us have any hopes of that changing.

They[media] will run him down as they always have, make this a circus and fodder for news programs and talk shows, and all but forget the loving, generous, brilliant soul at the heart of all of this who is gone. My heart is heavy and [my] soul cries out for justice.
Melanie-Nashville, TN
Only moments after it was finally confirmed that Our Beloved King of Pop had died, media began swooping in like vultures over a freshly killed carcass and shortly after, the character assassination began with unfounded accusations of drug overdose. Michael Jackson didn't die of a drug overdose in the conventional meaning of the phrase. The general public, when they hear "drug overdose," do not think in terms of technicality. They think in terms of general ideals and knowledge. So when, the term "drug overdose" is used to described Michael's death, the media is generally giving the public the ideal that Michael essentially killed himself and was responsible for his own death. Both MJ fans and the media, though they act as if they don't, know that's the furthest thing from the truth, but what sensationalism could the tabloid junkies provide by sticking to the facts?

In addition, Michael's family, children, and fans will be subjected to watching their beloved be placed on trial more than the actual defendant Conrad Murray. Already the countless F-List celebrity hosts on HLN have referred to this trial as the Michael Jackson trial, one in particular, Dr. Drew...and I use the term "doctor" loosely!

Could anybody ever imagine the Casey Anthony trial being referred to as the Caylee Anthony trial? The O.J Simpson trial as the Nicole Simpson trial...or imagine this...Charles Manson's case being identified by any one of his countless victims' names? The thought of doing such is unthinkable, so why the need to place Michael's name on this trial as if HE is the one on trial? Simple...nobody cares about who Conrad Murray is when it comes to ratings.

Que the late Elizabeth Taylor's 1993 press conference and there you have the ammunition the media uses to continue on with their "addict" label. That moment in time has provided the media all they need to forevermore portray Michael as an addict. Never mind that this happened over 16 years ago because the "witty" media has the perfect cliche argument, including Jane Velez Mitchell, "once an addict...always an addict."

It doesn't matter that  every single drug found in Michael's body came directly from Murray, a man who claims he was fearing that addiction was taking over Michael. It doesn't matter that the "countless prescription drugs," found at Michael's home had Murray penned as the prescribing doctor with the exception of about three.

Such facts are ignored because they do NOTHING to assist the media with continuing their portrayal of Michael Jackson as an addict who got what was coming to him.

In this day and age its simply too much to ask for most of the media to stick to the cold hard facts...not when there's so much to be made and gained by serving up helping after helping of manipulated, sensationalized, and creatively twisted stories. What's disheartening, is with MJ fans and people like minded excluded, the general public continues to hop into the soup line and beg, "Please, sir...I want some more."

There will be slander...there will be defamation and there will be crucifixion, but Michael Jackson fans are steady at the battle lines and we will not falter. During his life Michael knew he could depend on his fans when he was up against the evils of this world and with his death I assure you the desire to "be there" for Michael and take on the world and ANYBODY in it whose sole purpose is to belittle or disrespect the legacy Michael left behind has only grown. As the true gate keepers of his legacy, we will defend, protect, and honor the Man in the Mirror and we will not be deterred.

We've learned so much from Michael and those lessons learned must be rewarded by continuing on with his messages in spite of his absence.
"Dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choose right over wrong, ethic over convenience, and truth over popularity." -The last man that dared to do any of that was Michael Jackson. In my mind, heart, and soul, this is what it takes to be not just a fan of MJ, but to be a justice seeker of and for him as well.

MJ's Good Witch-WI
As a fellow justice seeker, I've learned the great importance of knowing your opponent and arming yourself with facts. Its a standard of practice for any Michael Jackson fan...to be on our A-game, "in the know," and well armed. We do not have to go after our opponents with violence or hate, knowledge and facts are more than enough. Too many underestimate just how intellectual the Michael Jackson fan base is...their mistake.
Doctors are reckless every single day and its long past time to hold them accountable. Whether Michael asked for it[Propofol] or not is completely irrelevant. It was Murray who threw his ethics out the window without a second thought. It was Murray who chose to leave the room for over an hour leaving an unmonitored person to basically die. It was Murray who thought cleaning up the evidence of his wrong-doing was more important than trying to save the life of a dying man...this is ALL MURRAY!!

Stop crucifying the victim!
Tina-Canada (Arrest Conrad Murray Campaign)
May there be no mistake. We are not naive in our quest for justice. We're aware that no amount of demonstrations, protests, or outcries will bring Our Beloved King of Pop back to us, but holding the man accountable for taking him away from us much too soon sends a message...it provides meaning...Michael's death will not be in vain.
On the eve of the opening statements of his killer’s trial,  I feel no apprehension.  Michael has already paid the highest price, and I make peace with the fact that no matter the verdict, we have lost him forever.  I hold Conrad Murray fully responsible for his death. His incompetence, lack of judgment, greed and total disregard for another human's life, are compelling enough to warrant a GUILTY verdict.  Now is the time for his killer to face the music…
Yesterday, as I prayed for Justice in a court of Law for Michael, I also prayed that it doesn’t come at the expense of his unparalleled legacy. 
Kathie-Quebec, Canada
Our journey will not end with the conclusion of this trial. Justice4MJ isn't about a guilty verdict alone, its so much more.
Even if Murray is convicted on the involuntary manslaughter charge AND receives a four year prison sentence, will I feel that justice has been served? The answer is unequivocally no. True justice for Michael Jackson will be when the media stops sensationalizing him, and allows the rest of world what his fans see. I will never give up hope that one day, united, his fans will change the world's perception of Michael Jackson. That, my friends, is true justice.
And Justice For Some-USA
For us, its about dedicating our time to anything to that dares to threaten the legendary legacy Michael created and left behind. That legacy is the immortality that Michael once confessed to wanting, "I want to live forever." This is how he'll..."live forever," by leaving a piece of himself as a gift to the world in the form of a legacy, and Michael Jackson fans will always unite to guard and cherish that precious gift. Injustice comes as a threat in any form and to any and every threat there will be response and their will be consequences.

I don't know that there isn't a single MJ fan who isn't ready for this marathon to begin tomorrow.
Lies can run sprints, but the TRUTH runs marathons.-Michael Jackson
We've been long awaiting this day for TWO years, but we're no rookies. We know our opponents and we're well armed with knowledge and the available facts, so damn right we're ready. The question isn't whether or not MICHAEL JACKSON fans are ready for tomorrow, the question is, is the media and Conrad Murray ready? 

 "They have been loyal. They're activists. They will fight you about me." 
-Michael Jackson (about his fans)

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